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Free JewelryTalk- Tips & Tricks: Q & A session with Mark Nelson

Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 5:00PM - 6:30PM PT (Pacific Time)

Cost: FREE!


If you'd like to receive a link to the recording, please email us at info@silverajewelry.com


Come to a FREE Tips and Tricks session with Mark Nelson from Rio Grande. Mark will be sharing tips he's developed as well as answering your questions!

In addition to a very busy professional life, Mark also balances family; a loving wife, two active teenage boys, and two dogs, the house that needs fixing, and cars repaired, and the list goes on. Finding time to try make something at the bench has at times been very difficult if not impossible. Over the years, Mark has come up with some tricks to make the most of what little time he can get.

In this talk, he's looking forward to sharing them and learning a few more!

About Mark Nelson
I love that I get to say I've been making jewelry for about 30 years now and have held a variety of jobs in the field; bench jeweler, jewelry artist, teacher and more.

For the last 15 years I've worked for Rio Grande Jeweler Supply; 8 years as a Tech Support Agent and the last 7 as the Education Coordinator. It's in this capacity that i get to do what i am most passionate about and work with students, instructors, and institutions.

Location: Silvera Jewelry School, Berkeley, CA

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Free JewelryTalk- Tips & Tricks: Q & A session with Mark Nelson

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