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Design and Inspiration as Process

Friday, December 3, 2021, 3:00PM - 4:15PM PT (Pacific Time)

Online Class

Cost: $40.00

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Design and Inspiration as Process 

Join artist and educator Syndey Scherr on this in depth lecture on design and ways to approach designing work! Understanding design and how to design is one of the trickiest things in jewelry creation. In this session, unlock the keys to designing productively and well! 

From Sydney: "Often I see students, and sometimes professionals in the arts, stymied as to how to find their way into design. Or, how to find meaningful inspiration. This often results in creating the same works multiple times with a variety of minor alterations. This is fine, unless you are hoping for more from your work, or hoping to evolve your personal visual vocabulary. 

As an educator I see so many students puzzling over what to make. And, an instructor saying: "make a bracelet with this technique" isn't getting to the heart of a student's design inertia. 

Seeing this so often led me to develop a means to enable students to break through this inertia and support expanded design development. Design, like technique, may be broken down into a process that guides and supports anyones development of quality design and finding their personal creative pulse and voice. 

This is Design and Inspiration as Process." 


There is no kit or supply list for this class. 




This lecture is open to all, no prior experience needed. 

Location: Silvera Jewelry School, Berkeley, CA


Instructor: Sydney Scherr

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Design and Inspiration as Process

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