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Hand Engraving with Hratch Nargizian - 5 days

Thursday, October 8, 2020 - Monday, October 12, 2020
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Cost: $1,075.00

Learn how to engrave metals by hand with master engraver Hratch Nargizian. Hratch will teach the fundamentals of engraving and share tips and tricks from over 50 years of engraving experience.

Hand Engraving is one of the oldest techniques used to carve an image into metal. This is accomplished with the use of gravers made of steal with a wooden handle. Participants will learn how to prepare and use some of the more popular gravers on copper, brass and silver. The workshop explores the basic cuts that are the foundation of most ornamental, pictorial, and letter engraving.

Why take this course?
Engraving is a beautiful technique for creating linear and sculptural designs in metal. As a jeweler, there are many occasions during fabrication and stone setting that a graver is the best tool for the job: to remove excess metal, clean up hard to reach areas, improve settings, and lots more. You can find resources to learn engraving on your own, which can take a long time, as you figure it out by trial and error. Or you can save yourself a lot of time and learn from an experienced engraver, like Hratch, who will critique your work and show you how to engrave correctly.

Techniques taught:
• Learn about different kinds of gravers
• How to prepare gravers, including grinding and sharpening, for optimal carving
• How to make your own work holder for engraving
• How to use an engraving ball
• Basic cuts and vocabulary for ornamental, pictorial and letter engraving

5 days :: 30 hours of instruction time

Kit of materials, and use of tools included. Your kit includes metal, gravers and more.

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The minimum requirement is basic metalsmithing skills, like successful completion of Basic Jewelry 1 or Basic Jewelry 1 & 2. Skills needed include sawing, filing, sanding, polishing with power tools like the flex shaft, and soldering. However, students who have had 2 or more fabrication classes may find learning how to engrave less challenging.


Location: Silvera Jewelry School, Berkeley, CA


Instructor: Hratch Nargizian

Upcoming Workshop Dates
Date(s) Times
Thu. Oct 8, Fri. Oct 9, Sat. Oct 10, Sun. Oct 11, Mon. Oct 1210AM-5PM


Hand Engraving with Hratch Nargizian - 5 days

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