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Tool Making Workshop

Sunday, June 2, 2019, 10:00AM - 5:00PM PT (Pacific Time)

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Cost: $175.00

An important part of metalsmithing is making and modifying tools. Learn how to shape and polish hammers for better performance and custom texture. Make custom stamps for decoration. Forge, twist and grind steel to make custom tools, like a combination scribe and burnisher. Anneal and temper steel for easier polishing and durability. These same skills can be used to go on and reshape, reuse, and recycle tools new and old into useful solutions for your metal work.

All Materials Included:  Hammers, punches and tool steel provided to make the practice projects.

Metalsmithing skills covered in this class:

• modify and polish a hammer to a mirror finish
• make a texture hammer

• sawing and filing custom stamps

• annealing steel

• tempering steel

• forging and twisting steel

Class includes:

Each student has a jewelry bench to use during class and their own set of tools to use to practice techniques shown. Handout included. All materials provided for the sample projects demonstrated. 

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Open to students of any level - beginners welcome!

Location: Silvera Jewelry School, Berkeley, CA

Instructor: Joe Silvera

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Tool Making Workshop

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