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Etching and Riveting

Sunday, April 21, 2019, 10:00AM - 5:00PM PT (Pacific Time)

In Person Class

Cost: $165.00

This class is already under way. Please see below for any other available workshop dates.

This class combines etching and riveting to make custom patterned jewelry and joins without soldering. Students will learn how to transfer their drawings and patterns to metal, how to apply resist, safety and the proper way to etch brass, copper or nickel with ferric chloride, which is not as harsh as other acids. 

Riveting is joining metal with a cold connection - no solder! How to make custom wire and tube rivets from scratch will be demonstrated and students will practice riveting to join their etched pieces. 

This class combines two great techniques to transfer patterns onto metal and to make cold connections without solder. Etching a pattern into metal can transfer a drawing, a rubber stamp, 

Why take this class?
Etching is a great way to bring a unique look to your jewelry - to bring up drawings in relief on the surface. You can use cool rubber stamps to transfer designs into the resist and then see them come to life on the metal. 

Rivets not only join metal but add intersting details. They can look like raised dots in contrasting metal colors, create patterns and be an important part of your design. Tube rivets, since they're made from tubing and open, can create great accents where you may want to connect a jump ring or other element, in addition to also joining your metal. Pre-made rivets exist, but depending on pre-made rivets is a limit to your creativity. If you can make your own rivets, you can choose the metal - fine silver, sterling, gold, copper, brass, nickel - and the gauge. Make it yourself and make it exactly what you want. It's not hard!

Techniques taught:
• Safety with chemicals
• Etching copper, brass or nickel
• Riveting: tube and wire rivets
• Applying different kinds of resists• 

Kit of materials, full color handout and use of tools included with your class. Each student has a jewelry bench to work at with jewelry tools, including a flex shaft, soldering station, and more. 

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Open to all levels - beginners welcome! 

Location: Silvera Jewelry School, Berkeley, CA

Instructor: Anat Silvera

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Etching and Riveting

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