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In the Heat of the Moment: Torch Firing Enamel with Anne Havel

Friday, February 28, 2020 - Monday, March 2, 2020, 10:00AM - 5:00PM PT (Pacific Time)

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Cost: $695.00

Explore new techniques for torch fired enameling with Anne Havel. This workshop will integrate kiln enameling techniques with the intimacy and fun of torch firing.

Techniques demonstrated include how to use a torch, and various methods of line creation and imagery within your enamel piece. By applying successive layers of liquid, acrylic, as well as transparent and opaque powdered enamels, techniques such as sgraffito, graphite, sifting, firescale, acid-etching, painting, and more, depending on length of class, can be covered. Additionally, under/maturity/& over-firing will be demonstrated to build and preserve drawings and layers in the final piece.

No matter the student's skill level, there will be opportunities to immerse oneself in new ideas and principles. Your new creations can be integrated into your fabrication or casting designs. If time allows, Anne will go over options for cold connections and soldered settings for your enamels.

Techniques taught:
• Torch safety and how to use an acetylene/air torch
• Ways of containing the heat so the enamels will flow more easily and quickly
• Preparation of metal for enameling
• How to choose metal gauges that are best for the enameling technique you’re using
• Metal-forming techniques to create more stable pieces
• Use of necessary small tools for creation of the pieces such as forming hammers, jewelers saw, • • • files, sandpaper or wheels (if available), scratching tools, and other tools, should they become necessary
• Use of liquid, powdered, and other enamels
• Different approaches to firing based on the size of the piece
• Under-firing (sugar firing and orange peel), maturity firing, and over-firing, and how to recognize when each is occurring
• Surface disruption

Class Objectives and Outcomes
• Enable new students of enameling to be able to continue to torch-fire at home after the class.
• Present those who are already enameling new information about torch-firing and/or enameling techniques that they may not have in their skill sets.
• Inspire more people to pursue the art of enameling, generate enthusiasm, and increase the dialogue around the art-form, even if they choose to use their skills with a kiln.
• Completed enamel piece(s) that the student can take away with him/her.
• Demonstrate to the students that, while torch-firing is not necessarily hard, it is a more time-consuming process than kiln firing, and the exciting differences between the two methods of firing.
• Help each student with their vision, should they have one.
• Learn from each other. Everyone has something to teach.

All materials are included. All tools for the class are available for each student to use.

In 2020, Anne Havel is also teaching a second workshop, Dimensional Enamel: 3D Torch Fired Enameling with Anne Havel. 

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We recommend students have some basic experience with enameling before taking this class, like taking our Enameling 1 workshop

Location: Silvera Jewelry School, Berkeley, CA


Instructor: Anne Havel

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In the Heat of the Moment: Torch Firing Enamel with Anne Havel

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