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Jewelry 2 - Chain and Prong Setting (online)

Thursdays, April 1, 2021 - April 22, 2021, 6:30PM - 9:30PM PT (Pacific Time)

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Cost: $295.00

Making custom chain, soldering jump rings, and making prong settings for your stones - it’s all in this live online workshop.

Why would you want to learn how to make chain?

Chain is everywhere in jewelry and the skills to make one are so useful. Plus chain is part of your overall design for a necklace, bracelets, etc. Knowing how to make chain will let you customize the look and feel of your jewelry.

Firstly, you can use this skill to not only make custom chains, but also to repair chains, mix readymade chains, and to boost your soldering skills with lots of practice soldering jump rings closed. During this interactive online class, students will make a custom bracelet with forged links and a handmade clasp.


What about prong settings?

Prong settings are not just an alternative to a bezel setting. Since these settings are more open, they reveal more of your stone. And you can adapt prongs to more stone shapes and unique cuts.

In the prong setting project, students learn how to design their setting, how to solder prongs to a pedestal base, and how to solder on a bail for wearing it as a necklace. After polishing, they will set their stone.

It’s not just a recording. You can ask questions live with your instructor.
With our live online class format, students can talk with the instructor, ask questions and get help.

Jewelry 2 covers the following techniques:
• Fabricating a custom prong setting

• How to set a stone with prongs
• Making a bail for a pendant
• Making a custom chain
• Soldering jump rings

• Forging to shape custom links with hammers

• Create a custom toggle clasp

Check out our free videos on how to set up to solder at home and how to use a home friendly butane torch to solder. 


Class size is limited to 15 students.

A kit of materials and stones is included with this class. Registered students receive a class kit by mail, shipped to the address used for registration. Please be sure to contact us at the time of registration with any updates re: where you want your kit shipped. The kit includes practice stones for the projects.

A full color handout is included with the class. Create your own workbook with the beautiful handout that is downloadable for this workshop. Handouts include instructions for techniques and projects, reference charts and lots of information to support your learning.


Tools for this Class

This is a list of tools you’ll need to practice the techniques shown in class. A list of the specific models of tools with links to recommended suppliers for the best prices will be sent to you after registration If you have questions about the tool list, please contact us.

In addition to these tools, students will need most of the tools from the Jewelry 1 - The Basics (link) course.

Safety glasses
Liquid dish soap, old tooth brush and ScotchBrite pad
12” ruler inches (with metric okay too)
Permanent marker, fine tip

Masking or painters tape
19 gauge binding wire (dark annealed steel or stainless, no galvanized)
Glue stick or rubber cement
Saw blades, 2/0, dozen or gross
Prong pusher
Flat nose pliers (plain jaws, no grooves)
Chain nose pliers (plain jaws, no grooves)
Soft charcoal block
Citric pickle
Mini butane torch, like Blazer Stingray or similar
Barrette needle file

A computer, phone or tablet to use the free Zoom app for class 


Read what students have to say about our online classes on the testimonials page.


About Our Interactive Online Classes
This class is online and uses the Zoom app/website. Through Zoom, you’ll be able to see demos and follow instructions, ask questions and interact with your instructor. Zoom is easy to use and free for students to use for class, and works on most devices, like phones (iphone, Android, etc), tablets (iPads, etc), and computers (Mac or PC).

This course meets for 4 weeks, 3 hours per week, for a total of 12 hours of instruction.

Your instructor is also available during free Zoom office hours for questions and help.

Each class is also recorded and available for students to watch later, to review instructions or in case you missed a class.

Students work at home or in their studio. All of our recommended tools and the kit materials are chosen to be home studio friendly.

Class policies for refunds, transfers and cancelations.


Successful completion of Basic Jewelry 1 ( either an in person or online class) or similar experience with sawing, filing, polishing and soldering precious metals.

Location: Silvera Jewelry School, Berkeley, CA


Instructors: Jenn Parnell Kirkpatrick or Joe Silvera

Upcoming Schedule

Date & Times
Thu. Aug 5, 2PM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time),
Thu. Aug 12, 2PM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time),
Thu. Aug 19, 2PM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time),
Thu. Aug 26, 2PM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)


Jewelry 2 - Chain and Prong Setting (online)

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