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Jewelry 4: Rolling Mill & Hollow Forms

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Cost: $325.00

Melt metal into an ingot, roll it into textured sheet to make a cuff, and make lightweight pearl earrings in the Jewelry 4 fabrication workshop.

Please note that the level 2 jewelry fabrication workshops (Jewelry 2, 3, and 4) can be taken in any order once you've completed Jewelry 1. You can sign up for them as they become available on the schedule.

The cuff project is made by pouring a ingot of sterling and rolling it into sheet with a mill. We’ll also use the rolling mill to imprint the sheet with texture. Rolling mill textures can be made by using fabric, paper, plastic and metal to create fun patterns.

Hollow forms are enclosed designs, like beads and boxes. Using this technique, students will make lightweight earrings. The hollow form design will also include demonstrations of how to set a pearl.

Techniques covered include:

• Melting metal and pouring a ingot

• Using a rolling mill to make sheet

• Texturing metal with a rolling mill
• Making a cuff bracelet
• Fabricating hollow forms
• Making earrings

• Make a setting for a pearl

Kit of materials, full color handout and use of tools included.

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Successful completion of Basic Jewelry 1 (weekend or 8 week course) or similar experience with sawing, filing, polishing and soldering precious metals. 

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