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Jewelry 6: Gold

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Cost: $315.00

The warm luster of gold is synonymous with the beauty of jewelry. But working in gold can be intimidating. Take the leap with our helpful guidance and learn how to fabricate in gold!

This workshop includes demonstrations of how to refine your gold scrap, how to alloy it back to the karat and color you desire, and how to cast it into ingots for rolling into sheet or wire.

Students fabricate a 14K yellow gold ring, earring or pendant with a diamond in a tube setting. Demonstrations include adapting your soldering techniques to gold, including options for solder, flux, temperature of the flame, etc.

Techniques covered:
• Fabricating jewelry with 14K yellow gold
• Minimizing clean up after soldering and protecting metals from scale
• Refining gold scrap
• Alloying gold to karat and color

Kit of materials (including gold for the sample project), full color handout and use of tools included. 

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Students must have taken 2 or more basic jewelry fabrication workshops before taking this class, like successful completion of Basic Jewelry 1 and Basic Jewelry 2, 3 or 4; or Basic Jewelry 1 & 2 and Jewelry 3 & 4. Recent practice with fundamental jewelry fabrication skills, like soldering jewelry, sawing, filing, setting and polishing, recommended. 


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