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Torch Setup and Safety

Sunday, September 26, 2021, 10:00AM - 5:00PM PT (Pacific Time)

In Person Class

Cost: $195.00

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Online Class

Cost: $165.00

This class is already under way. Please see below for any other available workshop dates.

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Ready to solder faster with more precision? Try oxy/propane or oxy/acetylene small torches. This class introduces students to the versatile small torch - from pencil point flames to larger flames, this power house can solder projects as delicate as chain to as large as bracelets. They can be used with inexpensive disposable tanks available at hardware stores, or small refillable tanks that are easy to store. Students practice with several projects to adapt their soldering techniques to little torches.

This course is available as an in-person workshop or live online class. Please check this page for times and formats available.

What is the advantage of using a torch, like an oxygen/propane or acetylene torch? 
These are the same torches used by professional jewelers for production, repair and custom work. Most of our beginning students work with butane torches, but when we introduce them to the small torches they fall in love!

Everything is faster: melting solder, soldering, annealing, etc. They can work longer without worrying about refilling the butane torch, and they can adapt the tips of the small torch to the job, from the hottest small flame to larger flames that can cover more surface area and even melt up to 2 ounces of metal. These torches pack a lot of power in a small foot print. Just like a flex shaft makes polishing and stone setting much easier, these torches bring a whole new level of joy to soldering. 

This class will also go over more information about torches, including acetylene/air torches, using oxygen concentrators instead of an oxygen tank, and hydrogen torches (which use water to make a flame). 

We'll also discuss options for using these torches in a home studio. Depending on your studio location, you can use disposable bottles, an oxygen concentrator or small tanks.


Techniques covered:
• Review of torch options, including single tank torches, dual gas (like oxygen/acetylene and oxygen propane), and hydrogen torches

• Choosing the right torch for your studio
• Torch safety

• How to set up torches and tanks
• How to check for leaks and troubleshoot any problems
• How to use a small torch (like a Smith Little Torch or similar) with oxygen and a fuel gas (propane or acetylene)

• Practic projects to help you to adjust your soldering when using a small torch

You do not need to own a tank torch setup to take this class.
In person students use our torches to practice. Online students can take the class to learn all about torches, so that they can make an informed decision about buying one. If you already own a torch, you can use it during class to practice. 

Materials for this class.
In person students have a kit of materials for practice projects. A kit is not included for online students, but a list of optional materials to have on hand is provided after registration. 


Please review our COVID-19 guidelines for in-person students. 
For the health and safety our staff and students, students are required to show proof of vaccination and to wear masks when attending classes at our school. If you can’t meet these requirements, we invite you to take the online version of this class instead, if available. Please visit our COVID-19 Updates page for more information.


Classes at our school include use of tools, with each student having their own bench to use during class. Online students will need to have their own tools (see the list of tools below). Feel free to contact us with any questions.


A full color handout is included with the class.
Create your own workbook with the beautiful handout that is downloadable for this workshop. Handouts include instructions for techniques and projects, reference charts and lots of information to support your learning.


Recordings of class.
If a class is online, or is a combination online and in-person session, all students receive a link to a recording of the class demonstrations. In-person only workshops are not recorded.



About Our Interactive Online Classes

If this class is offered online, it uses the Zoom app/website. Through Zoom, you’ll be able to see demos and follow instructions, ask questions and interact with your instructor. Zoom is easy to use and free for students to use for class, and works on most devices, like phones (iPhone, Android, etc), tablets (iPads, etc), and computers (Mac or PC).


Your instructor is also available during free Zoom office hours for questions and help.

Online students work at home or in their studio. All of our recommended tools and the kit materials are chosen to be home studio friendly. Links to preferred vendors are provided in the supplies list sent after registration.

Read what students have to say about our online classes on the testimonials page.


No Tools are Required for Online Students
Since this class is open to students with or without a torch setup, supplies are optional. (in-person students have tools to use at school) Students can watch the demos, decide what they want to buy, including an appropriate torch setup for a home studio, and then watch the class recording later when they’re ready to practice. A pdf with a list of optional tools will be emailed to students right after they register.

A computer, phone or tablet is required to use the free Zoom app for class 


Class policies for refunds, transfers and cancelations.



Basic jewelry fabrication skills for precious metals, like successful completion of a basic jewelry fabrication class, like  Basic Jewelry 1 (in-person workshop) or Jewelry 1 - Basics (online). These skills include sawing, filing, soldering and finishing precious metals.

Location: Silvera Jewelry School, Berkeley, CA

Instructor: Joe Silvera

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Torch Setup and Safety

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